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It's been proposed that the world would be a better place without Retweets. If you would like to see what a no Retweet world looks like, click the disable button to turn off retweets from all of the people you follow. Don't like it? Turn it back on with the enable button.

If you're a power user who has spent a lot of time fine tuning which accounts you get retweets from and which you don't, this tool is not for you. It will heartlessly ruin all of your hard work. So don't click either button.

If you're someone who is concerned by the amount of permissions required by this app, I empathize with you. But that's all I can do unfortunately. Twitter will only allow very corse control over permissions. Essentially I can ask for read, or read/write, and I need read/write because I'm modifying your friendship settings for each person you follow. I don't keep the access that you grant me after the retweets have been enabled/disabled. But you'll have to just take my word on that, unfortunately. If you like reading code, I've posted mine here: willcosgrove/retweet-rip

This is a pop-up website (in the vein of pop-up shops and restaurants, not like one of those annoying popups) made by Will Cosgrove. If you wanted to share it, that would be cool; but if you don't that's fine too.